Why choose sustainability?

Reservatio as a company is oriented to think in a perspective long-term, supporting a real cultural change in the business world and beyond. The main challenges we face today in the world in which we live, have as their goal the development of a sustainable planet, not only from an environmental point of view, but also and above all in the way which you can do business.

Creating a balance between technological innovation and the environment has become fundamental today and it is certainly an unavoidable choice for designing a better society.

Adopting green strategies means for us rethinking business models and operational processes: the digitization of the restaurant menu is an example.

The digitization of the menu not only translates into a benefit for the and for the restaurant it can avoid the press, but also in a benefit the environment: as there is no longer the need to print a paper menu, limits the use of paper and therefore also its production!

To be able to share the menu, a promotional code, through the use of digital, he meets a new choice of doing business

The idea of being able to have customers order the menu in advance is also dictated by sustainability, in fact, in the long run, if this cultural change could be radicalized, it would be possible for restaurants to make a more sustainable shopping and thus avoid it food waste

Food waste, in fact, also significantly affects climate-change : you shouldn't consider only the production process, but also the resulting disposal process.

Reduce waste in the resturant sector, as well as in the daily consumption of individual people and families, is crucial on several aspects: waste reduction means optimization costs and therefore a more correct management control of your business. To avoid waste, thus reducing the amount of unused food to a minimum, this must be done cultural change in the eating habits of all of us.

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